Assembly Braid Bar

Los Angeles Confidential  |  March 2013

The new braid and ponytail salon in Beverly Hills dishes out runway-worthy hairstyles.

Assembly, a salon with a twist, opens March 27 in Beverly Hills as the first braid and ponytail bar in Los Angeles. The style menu features braids and pulled-back looks for everyday and special events, as well as makeup, nail, and blowout services.

Lead stylist Jacqueline Bush weaves inspiration from street styles, the runway, and celebrity clients into the handful of available updos. Customers can choose from styles like Sienna Miller’s signature Crown Braid, or the professional yet playful Zipped Up Top Knot that Bush created.

Owner Jessica Jekkel says the laid-back California culture is the root of casual, trendy braids that are in high-demand now. “When I think of a braided hairstyle, I think of a woman who is playful, cheeky, and has a great sense of personal style. To me, that is the LA girl,” she says. “We love that artfully undone look, and that was born on the beaches of Southern California.”

A wash plus a braid or pony costs $45, while a braid or fancy pony done on dry hair is $30, and both options take less than 50 minutes. Other services are tailored for special events like the red carpet or date nights, but clients can also purchase memberships for scheduled weekly sessions.

Although Assembly’s signature service is the braid, Jekkel says the salon’s six stylists will continue to update the offerings for whatever seasonal trends come next. “Right now, a braid, fun pony, or messy updo is what makes a woman feel gorgeous. When the style changes, so will we,” she says. “But I know I will be rocking my braids for a long time. I love having my hair pulled back, and a hair tie alone won’t cut it.” 250 S. Robertson Blvd., Ste. B, 424-278-1567