Vans Laces up for Women’s Collection Relaunch

   FOAM |  February 2014Vans_1

   It’s no secret. Vans has always been a step ahead in effortlessly cool footwear. But this spring, the brand is also relaunching its Women’s Apparel and Accessories Collection. Translation? The Vans girl’s entire closet is now just as drool-worthy as her shoe drawer.

   What to expect: head-to-toe fashion featuring new shapes, cuts and styles with better quality material than before. Say hello to cross prints, paisley and camo along with denim and accessory pieces, without bidding farewell to that staple streetwear vibe we love.

   And as though we need more persuading—fun, creative gals illustrator Langley Fox Hemingway (a FOAM fave!) and Annabelle Dexter Jones, an award-winning silver screen actress, are among the brand ambassadors that model the clothing in the campaign video. Sigh. Ladies, can we just be you now… or at least raid your closet?

Watch the campaign video here: